Demonstrating Reliability and Earning Trust

Brief History

Tehran - Boston Engineers (TBE) was established in 1962 by an affiliation with the consulting firm of Metcalf & Eddy (M. & E.) of Boston U.S.A. with the object of transferring sanitation technology in the field of engineering services. The objectives of the partnership were:

  • To establish a reputable consulting engineering firm in Iran
  • To teach and apply world standards in scientific and technical engineering field with respect to local conditions
By the year 1970 the objective was achieved and the affiliation was terminated by mutual consent. Since then TBE resumed its activities as a hundred percent Iranian consulting engineering firm. While keeping the original TBE name the local part of the partnership continued the work as a 100% Iranian company. In half century, since its establishment, TBE has successfully completed many projects inclusive of design, construction, project management, supervision of construction work in the fields of water supplies and wastewater projects and other. Some of the major projects in the above fields are described in the accompanying literature. Currently, TBE has been classified and graded professionally by planning and Management Organization of Iran as: o First Grade in Water and Wastewater Engineering o Associated with above in management and supervision fields of work

Our Services

“Tehran Boston Engineers Company” has the eligibility and legal authority to work in the following engineering fields


  • Water & sewage system
  • Dam
  • Water networks and drainage system
  • River preserve engineering
  • Structural engineering

Project Management (PM)

  • Construction management of AmirKabir sugar cane factory with capacity of 100.000 ton sugar per year.
  • Construction management of Petrochemical special economic zone water development and transmission.
  • Management consultant of Kish Island water and wastewater infrastructural projects.


Tehran – Boston Consulting Engineers (TBE) has proven itself at the forefront, in the water treatment sector. We have diversified our consulting capabilities to serve the entire segment, that consists of Water & sewage system, Dam, Water networks and drainage system, River preserve engineering to Structural engineering. Furthermore, the major projects we have been involved with during the past fifty years include water Inlet Structure, Treatment Plants, Pump Stations, Transmission lines and Reservoirs.

Executive Profiles

Esmaeil Mesgarpour Tousi

President & Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
. Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering; University of Tehran; Tehran; Iran
. MBA. in Strategic Management; Industrial Management Institute; Tehran; Iran
. Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering; Iran University of Science and Technology; Tehran; Iran

Majid Fotouhi


Hamid Mesgarpour Tous

Chairman's Vice President
. Bsc. in Chemical Engineering; University of Tehran; Tehran; Iran
. Msc. in Chemical Engineering; University of Tehran; Tehran; Iran
. MBA. in Strategic Management; Industrial Management Institute; Tehran; Iran

Major Clients

Strong relationships lie at the heart of TBE's interactions with its clients. TBE builds and maintains those relationships by being versatile when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, and planning, while being responsive and communicative throughout the life cycle of a project. During the past fifty years, Tehran-Boston Engineers Co. has not only provided outstanding services but also cooperated with numerous clients throughout the country. Some of our major clients are listed below

Falegh Sanat




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