Amirkabir Sugar Complex Project Managemen

To reduce the import of white sugar it was a priority of the Government to use the potential of the Khouzestan region to grow sugar cane and subsequently to construct sugar factories to produce white sugar for country's use. The construction of seven such factories was considered as a priority for the purpose. Therefore the land was acquired in appropriate areas of the region and growing sugar cane and construction of the regional sugar factories began. Amirkabir Sugar Production Factory was the second sugar production and refining factory in the series of the factories. Due to experience and expertise of Tehran – Boston Engineers in complexity and diversity of processes and procedures, the management of the project was awarded to TBE. The factory comprises raw sugar production and refining hall sections, raw and refined sugar storages, chemicals, general and open storages, laboratories, water treatment plant, lime furnace, repair and maintenance and machining hall, boilers & power plant which are equipped with state of the art equipment and are currently completely operational. Requirement of various expertise for mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, agricultural, engineering and also installation and commissioning of equipment and machinery, various control systems was one of the most challenging tasks of the project considering importance of quality, costs and time limitations made the supervision, workshop works, interior and exterior preparations, commencement of the operation and management intensively complex and fulfilling.

Overview of Services Provided by TBE:

  • Study and design of hydraulic structures and transfer of Kan river water to the artificial lake;
  • Study and design of hydraulic structures of the artificial lake;
  • Study and design of surface and sub surface drainage;
  • Study and design of concrete structures of the stadium;
  • Recommendations on amendments to architectural concepts, where necessary, as result of soil and structural investigation;
  • Supervising soil borings and evaluation of soil test results to be used in design of the lake, dam and stadium structures.

The initial fee: 8,250,000,000 Rials
Client: Falegh Sanaat Company
Project Location: Project Location: Khuzestan – South of Ahvaz City