Azady Sports Complex Design

Present Azadi Stadium as Olympic Stadium was designed to hold the 1974 Asian Games. Its architectural design was done by Abdolaziz Farmanfarmaian and Associates and other engineering services as required by other companies. Tehran-Boston Engineers was responsible for calculations and design of concrete structures, Kan river diversion and artificial lake of the stadium.

Overview of Services Provided by TBE:

  • Study and design of hydraulic structures and transfer of Kan river water to the artificial lake;
  • Study and design of hydraulic structures of the artificial lake;
  • Study and design of surface and sub surface drainage;
  • Study and design of concrete structures of the stadium;
  • Recommendations on amendments to architectural concepts, where necessary, as result of soil and structural investigation;
  • Supervising soil borings and evaluation of soil test results to be used in design of the lake, dam and stadium structures.

The initial fee: 11,000,000 Rials
Client: Abdol Aziz Farmanfarmaian and Associates
Project Location: Tehran