Bushehr Water Supply Project

The main objective of this project, which was a high priority, was to provide and supply drinking water for Bushehr and Borazjan Cities. By implementation of this project, daily amount of 10.500 m3 treated water was supplied from Shahpour River. The work consisted of transfer of river water to the reservoir and thereafter to the treatment plant. After completion of treatment process, a high pressure pumping station transfers treated water via pipelines to the Borazjan City’s reservoir. From this reservoir, the water is transferred to Bushehr City and Air Force Base via pipelines equipped with break pressure valves.

Overview of Services Provided by TBE:

  • Feasibility Study and Initial Design of the Project;
  • Providing detail led Designs, Bill of Quantities for Equipment and Materials;
  • Performing Hydraulic and Water Hammer Calculations;
  • Preparation of Tender Documents;
  • Supervision of Construction works, Putting into Operation and Handing Over to the Client.

The initial fee: 39,000,000 Rials
Client: Fars Regional Water Authority
Project Location: Borazjan and Bushehr Cities