Lar Dam Pumping Station Design and Construction Management

Objective of this project was to provide a constant and continuous water flow to Tehran City by means of construction of a shaft, vault and tunnel and also of the pumping station. The main shaft with height of 65 m and diameter of 15.5 m was constructed in main vault of the pumping station with the depth of 35 m with diameter of 25 m. The pumping station of Lar Dam is equipped with 8 submersible pumps pumping the water to the required level. In addition to the main shaft and vault, Lar Dam pumping station includes water transferring tunnel, Control Unit Building constructed in three floors with total building area of 1800 m2, building constructed over the main shaft with an area of 510 m2 and access roads and passages 850 m long and equipped with all related installations. The pumping capacity of this pumping station is 18.5 m3/sec.

Overview of Services Provided by TBE:

  • Project Evaluation and Submission of the Report;
  • Preparing draft maps and performing initial estimation;
  • Preparation of execution drawings;
  • Implementing technical design and determining final costs of work;
  • Preparing tender Documents for Civil and Pump Station Works;
  • Evaluation of offers and Submission of reports on the tenders;
  • Supervision of the work performed by the contractors.

The initial fee: 6,512,000,000 Rials
Client: Tehran Regional Water Authority
Project Location: Project Location: Lar Dam – located in Km 75 of Tehran – Amol Road